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Control Engineering

Control Engineering

MPA Engineering understands your challenges and has the expertise and technology to meet them. MPA Engineering possesses the capabilities and expertise to implement solutions for the most demanding and rigorous requirements. Automation systems today offer huge opportunities for improving efficiencies and competitiveness. The best way to achieve this is through MPA Engineering expert engineers who can deliver what it takes to help you reduce implementation risks, minimise downtime, increase maintenance and operating efficiency and boost process efficiency.

MPA Engineering's control systems engineers are based in our Ipswich head office but regularly attend client sites both nationally and internationally.

The mechanical and process engineering discipline, as intimate knowledge of the physical system being controlled, has been provided by MPA Engineering’s partner companies.

    • PLC, DCS and RTU systems design
    • SCADA and HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems design
    • PLC and SCADA system programming and implementation
    • Telemetry System Design, Implementation, and Commissioning
    • Industrial communication systems design
    • Historian and Reporting Systems design
    • Process Improvement Analysis
    • Factory and site acceptance testing
    • Instrumentation
    • Process control optimization
    • Feasibility, study, conceptual and detailed design
    • Management control systems

MPA Engineering also has experience with the following communications protocols as well as data collection and telemetry systems

    • Modbus,
    • Profibus
    • DP/PA,
    • DNP3,
    • Profinet,
    • ControlNet,
    • DeviceNet,
    • Ethernet IP, TCP/IP, Industrial, SNMP
    • Hart

MPA Engineering key industry points:
    • MPA Engineering control engineering has a wide range of applications from Oil and Gas, Mining, Rail and Water/Wastewater automation industries.
    • MPA Engineering is capable of upgrading a control system of plant or designing a new control system in the variety of control system products and instrumentations Such as Siemens, Schneider, General Electric, Omron and etc.
    • MPA Engineering is proud of being a pioneer in the automation industry with a variety of PLC and SCADA systems design (electrical / software for specific development projects) and programming via its certified engineers in the following steps:
      • Control system investigations
      • Client specific standard development
      • Control system Functional Design Specifications
      • Procedures and establishment of design tools via
        • Engineering and programming specifications
        • Test Specifications and commissioning at the highest standard of professional expertise commensurate with experience
    • MPA Engineering has been recognised for its engineers’ expertise in automation design, delivering solutions for large projects in a variety of brands:
      • Siemens
      • Allen Bradly
      • Schneider Electric
        • CitectSCADA
        • ClearSCADA
        • SCADAPack
      • General Electric
      • Omron
    • MPA Engineering has been recognised in RTU systems design and programming industry via its business growth and certified engineers
    • MPA Engineering confidently takes responsibility for estimating, meeting budgeted man-hours, cost budgets, and schedules
    • Accept responsibility for the accuracy, quality and timeliness of PLC application software and system design performed directly and for that performed by assigned specialist staff
    • As required, monitor and manage the work of self and subordinate staff to ensure compliance with technical and quality assurance stands, Company goals and procedures
    • Commitment to Health & safety in the workplace is one of the key points of MPA Engineering’s strategies (Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) / Job Safety & Environment Analysis (JSEA)
    • Carry out site visits to liaise with clients, gather date, inspect installations or manufacturing progress or perform commissioning tasks
    • Assist in business development activities as required
    • Ensure client satisfaction and trust are maintained during performance of assigned projects.